Demo 1.0.4

Small update and a big thank you!

How was Halloween? Hopefully it involved lots of candy and appropriate amounts of spookiness. 🎃 Wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has played the demo of Speak Lies, commented, joined our Discord, or even made a let’s play of it. Sincerely, thank you! 

Demo V1.0.4

The bug that causes the conversation to stop randomly should be patched out in  V1.0.4, so if you are still playing be sure to update! (Your saves will still work, don’t worry.)

However, if you encounter this bug again please do let me know! Also you can fix it by going back to the title and resuming game.

Next patch

I’m working towards a patch that will include some pretty big script changes to chapter 2, intended to fix the slow pacing. Also there’s currently a bug that causes music/SE to either not play or not stop. This will also be addressed in the coming update going live in the next few days. 

Next major update

Next major update with the second half of the demo is scheduled for release on 30 November. After the feedback from you guys, I have decided to restructure a big section of the game to address some pacing issues. This might have an impact on the release date but I am going to try to stick to it, look out for more devlogs in the near future. 

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